New Association Fosters Business Process Improvements Through Electronic Commerce and Information Sharing

The newly-created Association For Enterprise Integration (AFEI) has emerged in response to a growing need for information dissemination and feedback from users and vendors in the ever-expanding world of electronic commerce. Formerly the U.S. CALS Industry Steering Group (ISG), AFEI will conduct its Inaugural Meeting on April 28-29, 1998 at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Annapolis, MD.

An affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), the AFEI is a worldwide cooperative effort developed in coordination with government, industry, and academia to institutionalize the strategy of CALS in industry and government, and to facilitate electronic business through open standards and neutral technology. Objectives of AFEI are to:

Membership in AFEI is drawn from industry, academia, and government and is distinct from membership in the NDIA. Classes of membership include: (1) Individual - open to members of the U.S. government and representatives of any country officially recognized by the International CALS Congress; and (2) Corporate - members affiliated with any registered corporation, foreign or domestic.

The leading organization advancing standards, regulations, and best business practices, AFEI sponsors symposia, group assemblies, and conferences open to participants from all corners of the globe. AFEI members are afforded the prime opportunities to interface - industry to industry, industry to government, and government to government - on technology trends, corporate policies, and long-term, forward-thinking business decisions.

Membership Benefits

Membership Categories

Corporate membership is open to all businesses, including partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations, firms, educational institutions, foundations, associations, and components thereof, organized within the United States.

Allied Corporate membership is open to corporations which are chartered and controlled under the laws of:

Individual membership is open to government employees and those persons not affiliated with an organization eligible for Corporate or Allied Corporate membership.

The focus of the inaugural meeting of AFEI will be on industry partnering with government in order to achieve electronic acquisition, paper-free contracting, and logistics process reinvention. Its aim is summed up in recent Presidential Report entitled "A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce," ....."for commerce to flourish, the private sector must lead."

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