September 9, 1998

"Need to Know" Tutorials & Specialty Forums Lead Off 21st Century Commerce 1998

Attendees of 21st Century Commerce 1998--"Global Business Solutions for the New Millennium" will discover a fast-paced first day as five tutorials and three special forums are presented on Monday, October 26th. Produced by the Association For Enterprise Integration and held at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA on October 26-29, the first day sessions will address the processes, requirements, and case studies that will prepare those persons engaged in information technology and electronic commerce for the new millennium. Included are:

· Interactive Electronic Technical Manual Interoperability;
· Reinventing Logistics for the 21st Century;
· Enabling the Paperless Life-Cycle: Building the Integrated Data Environment;
· Web-Based Technologies: Facilitating Global Business Solutions;
· Collaborative Processing: Capitalizing on the Digital Environment;
· Standards to Support the Common Operating Digital Environment;
· Cost Modeling and Analysis to Support Enterprise Integration; and
· Enterprise Integration: Definition, Issues, and Challenges.

And it doesn't slow down after that-Specialty Forums and Plenary Sessions continue throughout the following three days, as some of the leading experts in IT-related fields come together in an open forum in which conference attendees will be invited to participate and contribute.

If the topics and issues aren't enough of a reason to attend, the line-up of speakers and panelists should entice anyone interested in maintaining his or her focus on the ever-changing world of information technology. Mr. John Connors, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Microsoft; Kenneth A. Medlin, Sr., Vice President-General Manager, Boeing; Jim Meadlock, Chief Executive Officer, Intergraph Corporation; Marvin Langston, Deputy Chief Information Officer at the Department of Defense; and Michio Naruto, Vice President of Fujitsu Limited headline a distinguished group of noted authorities who will offer new and varied perspectives.

The Association For Enterprise Integration (AFEI), formerly the U.S. Industry Steering Group (ISG), is an association for corporate and individual members whose common goal is to advance enterprise integration and world-class electronic business practices for industries and governments around the globe. AFEI is an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), and is located in Arlington, VA.

For additional information pertaining to either 21st Century Commerce 1998 or AFEI, contact either Shirley Goodman at (703) 247-9473 or Michele Bilowich at (703) 247-9474. Fax is (703) 522-3192.