Roger W. Kallock
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics)

Roger W. Kallock was appointed Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics) in May, 1998 and was nominated by the President for Senate confirmation as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics & Materiel Readiness) in May, 2000.

As the DUSD (L), Mr. Kallock is the principal advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) for policy and oversight of the military departments' logistics activities. He also oversees policy for the Department of Defense (DoD) in the specific functional areas of materiel management, maintenance, transportation, logistics reinvention and information systems, together with electronic commerce/electronic data interchange. His extensive orientation to the defense community has included: visits to over 50 military locations, participation in many DoD logistics related industry group meetings, and congressional testimony. He chairs DoD's senior logistics reform leadership group and leads the implementation of DoD's widely supported logistics transformation plan - "21st Century Logistics."

Before joining the DoD, Mr. Kallock was a Managing Partner at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Prior to CSC, he was co-founder and chairman of Cleveland Consulting Associates (CCA), one of the world's earliest advocates for integrating logistics management functions and information capabilities. At CCA, he provided leadership to major accounts assisting clients in improving supply chain related business processes including distribution, transportation, manufacturing planning, and customer service. He brings over 35 years of private sector logistics experience starting with Procter and Gamble, where he had a series of distribution and customer service assignments, followed by the start of his consulting career with A T Kearney.

Over his career, Mr. Kallock has focused on the implementation of reengineered supply chain business processes and supporting information technology in a wide variety of industries including: computer products, consumer goods, health care, pulp and paper, and steel products. Other clients also included air, rail, truck and water carriers as well as third party logistics firms.

A native of Ware, Massachusetts, and a long time resident of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Mr. Kallock graduated from the University of Michigan with a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. His educational interest continues as a guest lecturer and author of articles on commercial logistics issues. Mr. Kallock has long been active in the Council of Logistics Management, serving as President in 1984 and receiving the Council's Distinguished Service Award in 1990.