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 Enterprise Architecture 

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AFEI is a founding member of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations.

FEAPO encourages and enables the Enterprise Architecture community to undertake cross organizational activities to recognize, discuss, professionalize, and otherwise advance the discipline of Enterprise Architecture.

FEAPO provides a mechanism for the continued communication and collaboration between the many enterprise architecture related professional organizations around the globe.

FEAPO provides a forum for member organizations to present the work of their respective organizations to a larger community for further comment, evolution, and eventual recognition. By providing this mechanism across the industry, membership in FEAPO presents the opportunity for recognition and adoption of standards, bodies of knowledge, certifications, model curriculums, and other items of interest to the larger enterprise architecture community.


Penn State







AFEI is a member of the Advisory Board for the Center for Enterprise Architecture at Penn State.  The purpose of the center is to gather intellectual resources across Penn State to address open and important research concerns and questions that span the design, functioning and governance of contemporary, information-driven enterprises.

The Advisory Group consists of representatives from leading corporations, government, and professional organizations and is organized into two subgroups: The Research Advisory Group which guides the research mission of the center; and the Education and Outreach Advisory Group which provides input and guidance on the undergraduate, graduate, and professional educational activities of the Center.