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 Business Models for Assembled Capabilities Tiger Team 

The DoD Assembled Capabilities Working Group (ACWG) and the ACWG tiger team(s) are endorsed by the DoD CIO Enterprise Services Data Panel (ESDP).

As part of the endorsement process, the ACWG collaborates with ESDP and presents a challenge.  This challenge is also socialized by the ESDP with the DoD CIO Enterprise Architecture and Services Board (EASB).  The following apply to the Business Models for Assembled Capabilities Tiger Team:

BMAC TT Problem Statement:  The assembled IT capabilities life cycle outpaces the traditional software-intensive system life cycle (e.g. weeks/months timeframes for Assembled IT capabilities development versus months/years timeframes for implementation).  The BMAC TT will focus on accelerating lifecycle processes associated with assembled IT capabilities.

BMAC TT Mission statement:  We intend to document the full lifecycle process of mission components and their assembly with core servers and shared infrastructure.  We will use the lifecycle to identify and address challenges with acquisition, contracting, and delivery strategies.  We intend to collaborate with DoD policy, programmatic and operational efforts, industry, and academia.

AFEI is supporting the DoD ACWG and its BMAC TT by recruiting a small number of industry companies to help the ACWG draft an approach to a maturity model for assembled capabilities business.

If you are interested in contributing to this effort please contact Dave Chesebrough (


DoD Primer for Assembled IT Capabilities

A modular approach for software-intensive IT

POC: OUSD AT&L-C3CB (Lt Col Jordon Cochran and Mr. Harvey Reed) As of 10 Mar 15







Industry Advisory Group Report: Review of DoD Widget Working Group Report

POC: Ralph Wade, Booz Allen Hamilton 

June 23, 2014







DoD Widget Working Group Report

Prepared by LtCol Jordon Cochran, AT&L and Harvey Reed, MITRE

May 5, 2014


BMAC TT participants from Industry and Academia include:

Amazon Web Services
ASU Research Enterprise
Binary Group
Booz Allen Hamilton
EM Solutions
Excella Consulting
Naval Post Graduate School
General Dynamics
RAW Solutions
UC Irvine

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